Since 2012, focusing exclusively on her art, she explores human nature and environment through her paintings. She expresses her emotions and perceptions by developing her own symbolic codes, based on the elaboration of a language which is in constant evolution. Her work has been noticed by Italian art critics, then her career quickly became international and she started exhibiting her work throughout Europe, then in USA. LauSense has been awarded the Sandro Botticelli Prize for her original stylistic search in Florence, March 2015. Her work has also been awarded the Bronze Medal by the prestigious Academic Society Arts, Sciences, Letters in Paris, June 2015. LauSense artworks are held in private and public collection in Europe.





In retrospective of my path, I can say with certainty that Art had always been part of my life. I wish insistently to seek my voice, this deep me that I found after long years of artistic way. Through my paintings I wish to carry fundamental values such as freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of artistic creativity.


My paintings are a soul vibration, a permanent connection with my interior voice, I thus developed an intuitive and authentic communication. This intuitive approach, which is the essence of my being enables me to transcribe my sensitivity, my emotions and my perceptions of the world which surrounds me, thus I do not paint what I see but what I feel. I express myself with passion on subjects which concern me such as human beings, current problems of our society,  environment, tomorrow's world.


I communicate in my paintings through my own pictorial codes based on the development of a language in constant evolution. One can note that the curves and the visible or hidden symbols are major elements of my paintings. The bright colours contrast frequently with darker zones forming a play of light and shadow. During 2012 and 2013 there was a significant evolution of my style, in particular with the appearance of the eye which represents my vision, the vision of heart, the deep me.


I see my Art like a philosophy, a visual language or I express myself on my perception of the outside world, my convictions, my ideas and my questions. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of my Artworks, I wish to cause a reaction, an emotion which invites the observer for dialogue, reflexion. I express in my paintings essential messages, open doors on philosophical questions, an approach on exploration of the imperceptible.









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